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We have a choice to live or die

We have a choice to live or die

This I believe creates a very bleak and somewhat negative vibe around the photograph, and although sometimes nostalgic and replicant of the 1980 in Northern Britain, this is not something I want to come across. I want to show Hull in a vibrant and colourful way that gives positive vibes out, i want the town to seem very cultural, because after all it is my Home, and not something that I want to be seen negatively. Although it can be argued that the city itself has been through some very bleak and negative times, again this argument to me is seen as in the past, I want to enjoy the future and the present..

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canada goose outlet canada However, two of the men died (which is understandable), and that left Fintan of Cesair’s group as the only man. Fintan, seeing what this would mean for him turned himself into a salmon and escaped into the sea. With her heart broken, Cesair died and without their leader, the rest of the women perished.. canada goose outlet canada

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