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Those cars account for 44% of roadside nitrogen oxides

Those cars account for 44% of roadside nitrogen oxides

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replica kipling bags All of which makes the bus even more attractive and, most importantly for all people, improves air quality.”Far too often every working day you can see one bus surrounded by dozens of cars in crawling traffic jams in Derby. It’s so frustrating to know that if half of those drivers were on the bus everything would move so much quicker and cleaner.”Trent Barton wants Derby to invest in more traffic signal priority, where the system senses an approaching bus is late and keeps its light green to let the bus through.Read MoreThe latest bus storiesAnd it wants genuine bus lanes and bus gates which give the bus an advantage over the car.Mr Counsell said: “The really big way to improve air quality is to encourage drivers to leave their diesel cars at home. Those cars account for 44% of roadside nitrogen oxides emissions, whilst buses create just 16% and falling as bus fleets are renewed.”A see this here Derby City Council spokesman said that the council is aware of the concerns of local bus operators.He said: “There is a local Strategic Bus Partnership where issues relating to congestion and long term issues and solutions are discussed.”Derby City Council has invested millions of pounds over the last decade to improve bus infrastructure, and promote bus usage.. replica kipling bags

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