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“The one two punch of an overhaul to the ‘IAB Display Creative

“The one two punch of an overhaul to the ‘IAB Display Creative

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Canada Goose sale Transition to HTML5 is paramount for improving user experience online,” said Scott Cunningham, Senior Vice President, Technology and Ad Operations, IAB, and General Manager of the IAB Tech Lab. “The one two punch of an overhaul to the ‘IAB Display Creative Guidelines,’ followed by this update to the ‘IAB HTML5 For Digital Advertising Guide,’ represents just the beginning of the IAB Tech Lab planned output on consumer experience solutions and standards all designed to create an ad supported digital landscape that people can enjoy without lengthy ad load times and clutter. Is a reason that HTML5 has rapidly become the industry standard: It enables deeply immersive and responsive consumer marketing experiences that render gorgeously and easily across screens,” said Cory Hudson, Senior Director, Creative Technology, AOL, and Co Chair of the IAB HTML5 for Digital Advertising Guidance Working Group. Canada Goose sale

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