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The Obama transition team likely to consult with Senator

The Obama transition team likely to consult with Senator

Insider or Outsider for CIA Director

President elect Obama and his staff defended Obama pick for CIA director yesterday. Word of the nomination apparently leaked before the transition team notified senior senators.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chair, Dianne Feinstein said she learned about it from the New York Times and made it very clear she was not happy about not being notified. Incoming Vice President Joe Biden called the lack of notification a mistake and today Feinstein said she plans to support Panetta nomination.

Obama was on damage control apologizing for not letting cheap canada goose for sale Feinstein know in advance. He said Panetta will change the practices at the CIA that have tarnished the agency. He also pointed out Panetta had to evaluate intelligence daily during his 2 years in the White House during the Clinton Administration.

cheap Canada Goose Whether to pick someone from within the agency or an outsider for the post is not a new dilemma for an incoming President. cheap canada goose outlet Canada Goose

Many past CIA directors have risen through the ranks within the agency but President Kennedy picked an outsider for the job, without spelling the end of the CIA.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Here’s my question to you: Should the director of the CIA come from within the agency or be installed from outside? Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose sale Interested to know which ones made it on air? Canada Goose sale

uk canada goose outlet This is the time to have an outsider come in and clean house. Otherwise the code of silence will cover up those who supported torture and rendition. Besides, the intelligence professionals didn cover themselves with glory under the Bush administration. Time for a change. uk canada goose outlet

Hasn history taught us anything? Not another appointee from the Clinton era. Our intelligence agencies were neglected and ineffective then and will become impotent again.

John from Fort Collins, Colorado writes:

Leon Panetta has strong high level administration skills, and has experience dealing with intelligence reports on the presidential receiving end. Although he is an agency outsider, I think it would be tough to find an overall better qualified person for the job. The Obama transition team likely to consult with Senator Feinstein on his appointment, figuring it was better to ask for forgiveness canada goose outlet website review than for permission.

We do not have the luxury of a new DCIA in need of training wheels. It will be the Porter Goss cheap canada goose disaster all over again. Does the Obama administration consider anyone with experience as somehow tainted?

buy canada goose jacket Judy from Exeter, California writes: buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats I like the idea of an outsider who can shake things up. So what if Feinstein got her ego in a knot. She one of the incumbents that needs to be thrown out on her ear. As a California Democrat, I have voted against her in every election, and I will continue to do so. canada goose coats

Sam from Fairview, Texas writes:

We have to look at all this errant intelligence gathering that got us into a war in Iraq and Afghanistan to understand how beneficial an outsider buy canada goose jacket just might be. We can not afford another intelligence mistake of that magnitude.

Terry canada goose black friday 2019 mens from North Carolina writes:

I have some candidates for this position. These guys are great at covert operations. Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards and how about Bill Clinton?

I think we need a great regardless of where he or she comes from. We need someone who can assess personnel needs (and skill requirements,) ensure that field intelligence is directed to the right analysts, and ensure that analyst conclusions are promptly directed to decision makers. We also need someone who can take a view of agency processes, and ensure that continuous improvement occurs the board. It is my guess that there are plenty of folks who can make solid choices. The Director must be a thinker; I don think it matters where they find him or her.

Given there are documented cases of torture and the unlawful detention of innocent people for years without them being allowed a fair trial. in the same category as many of the Middle East Countries who still practice torture and deny human rights and violate the Geneva Convention.

The whole world is well aware of the latter and it has ruined America reputation for at least the next generation so it is good the new Director will come from the outside. He will hopefully clean up https://www.fabulalitera.de this cesspool for the sake of America next generation.

It does not matter what does matter is that the person be well experienced in intelligence and foreign affairs. I don;t see Leon as either of those. There are some presidential appointments which matter a lot and some which can be allocated to political payback and cronyism.

CIA is one of those which really matter our very safety and lives depend on it. I hate to see CIA fall into the hands of someone who is simply a canada goose outlet ottawa good administrator who might work out through some OJT. Of course, I sure that al Qaida has already sent him a congratulatory note, cc: Barack Obama.

uk canada goose I think it is a GOOD thing that an outsider has been put forth as the Administrative officer of the CIA. Leon Panetta has a good record of service and integrity, plus a good sense of adminstering an agency. That leadership is what is needed, not an insider who is carving out their own little fiefdom like J. Edgar Hoover did with the FBI. And in this case, an outsider is not tainted with the current that anything goes as long as it gets results. That lack of moral integrity and ethics is why this country has lost the respect of countries around the world. Yes, there are some sensitive intelligence issues, but that is what bureau chiefs, and project leads are for, not the overall administration of the agency! uk canada goose

canada goose factory sale Putting Mr. Panetta in charge of the CIA would be like putting a bull in charge of a china shop. Mr. Panetta appointment has the potential to set us back 20 years. This is the first time I have begun to doubt the wisdom of the Obama Transition Team. canada goose factory sale

Having an insider there is almost as scary as if we had a canada goose outlet store new york general runing the Defense Department, however, in today world, it may benefit us to have someone technically up to date and knows the grunt level inside out. They spend an INCREDIBLE amount of money on research. Best spent by someone who knows where it goes. Also, if we had a second term President it might be different, but here, we are someone and perhaps best not to have an intermediary between the truth and the That didn work last time.

Jack, Mr Panett may be a fine person. But I always had and still have the impression that to be Head of CIA should be given to a person from within the Agency for such person background and familiar with CIA not only standars but demands can accomplish his or her mission. Furthermore, the service term should be at least 8 years.


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