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In 1914, there were 625 General Staff qualified officers for

In 1914, there were 625 General Staff qualified officers for

In western North America, migrants begin arriving in Oregon, British Columbia] and Colorado in February. In central North America, migrants arrive as soon as temperatures open wetlands and lakes, which can range from late February (Nebraska) to early May (Alberta, Manitoba and Iowa). In the Great Lakes region and north eastern North America, migrants will also arrive as soon as bodies of water open up.[10]Western birds migrate through Great Basin to the Pacific Coast.

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Fox has a crush on Badger and is often teased about it in some episodes. Fox seems to get along well with most of the boys. The only girl he is usually seen talking to a lot is Beaver. Nor was there ever a large pool of officers to draw upon to perform General Staff duties. In 1871, there were only 375 officers fully qualified to serve on the General Staff, even after an emergency expansion during the Franco Prussian War. In 1914, there were 625 General Staff qualified officers for armies which had almost doubled in size since 1871.[16].

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