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“If Urban pulled the rhinestone out

“If Urban pulled the rhinestone out

Urban and Christine Cummings

People: canada goose outlet black friday : 10,000 points of light

“I’d use the rhinestone Ronson Princess.”

If Urban Cummings’ wife, Christine, ever put on her prized ’30s “Jean Harlow style” silk dress and pulled out a cigarette (she doesn’t smoke), Cummings would want a lighter as stunning as her dress. Hence, the rhinestone Ronson. “If Urban pulled the rhinestone out, it canada goose would get my attention,” said Canada Goose Online Christine. “I’d go for him.”

If he could find it, that is.

After six years of collecting, the Palo Alto mechanical canada goose outlet parka engineer owns 10,000 antique lighters, 4,000 of them Ronsons.

Known as “the Cadillac of lighters,” Ronsons were cheap canada goose uk the lighter of the glamorous, servicemen and people who cared about owning the best. “Ronsons were king,” said Cummings.

Until he met Christine, however, Cummings wasn’t a world class canada goose black friday sale collector. Together, they have honed their skills. “We got married, and our collections have blossomed,” he said.

Christine’s blossoming collections include beaded sweaters, vintage clothing, perfume bottles, mesh bags and rhinestone and Bakelite jewelry. “The Bakelite came within the last two years,” she said.

Cummings collects canada goose factory outlet nothing sartorial, just radios, cigarette dispensers, clocks, World’s Fair memorabilia, airplane canada goose outlet canada paraphernalia, (representations, not wings and parts) and, of course, lighters.

His philosophy on canada uk canada goose goose outlet uk lighters can be summed up in seven words. “If I see a lighter, I buy it.”

He has “subset” collections of collections: compact lighter sets, cigarette compact sets and Ronson art deco objects d’art. (Before the company specialized in lighters, it was an art metal company).

The two also are old movie buffs, giving rise to collections of movie books, posters, photographs and bric a brac. They know all the old movies as well as the lighters that appear in the movies so well that when they see a lighter on the screen, they yell, “That’s figure No. 421!”

“I don’t know if I’ve ever popped anyone in the ribs with my elbow, but I might have,” said Cummings.

Not all the collections are canada goose clearance sale deliberate, however.

In the bathroom, it looks as though Cummings is working on a collection of half empty lotion bottles, soap chips and worn out toothbrushes. “I found that if you let an old toothbrush sit for a while, it gets hard again,” he said.

In the laundry room, the couple has canadian goose jacket canada goose outlet nyc what appears to be the makings of a laundry soap box and plastic bag collection. Canada Goose Parka “I’m out of control,” acknowledges Cummings, tripping over a pile of sheepskin rugs. The sheepskin rugs are used canada goose outlet in the couple’s canada goose outlet toronto factory sheepskin slipper business, Furry Feet.

Can Cummings throw anything away? “Definitely,” he said, while Christine mouths the word “no” in the background.

Of course, collecting at this level requires keen organization. Cummings keeps his lighters in storage two rooms full, all neatly labeled and arranged by type.

The couple applies the same high level of organization to shopping. At flea markets and antique shows, they fan out, each clad in sweatshirts that read, “I collect old lighters and…” They regroup for purchase consultations. “We really look out for each other,” he said.

They do not have walkie talkies yet. “But we’ve thought about it,” said Christine.

They realize they are lucky to have found each other. Who else but a fellow collector would understand being taken to the Ronson factory in New Jersey for her honeymoon? “I feel a great deal of sympathy for people who are not collectors, but who are with collectors,” canada goose uk shop said Christine.”

At the same time, they do seem to be nearing the limits of their tolerance for each other’s collections. After Cummings had spent canada goose outlet online uk 45 minutes showing off his lighter collection, canada goose outlet store Christine politely introduced the concept of stopping. “Stop?” he said. “Without seeing the sharkskin lighter?”

And when she mused that she might like to begin collecting Christmas edition Barbie dolls (she has https://www.foekjedillema.nl one, a garishly dressed Barbie having a very bad fake hair day), cheap canada goose he balked. “Oh, no you don’t,” he said.

At some point, they plan to sell everything.”Everything,” said Cummings. “This canada goose outlet in usa is our retirement program.”.


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