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But it is WAY more likely to be caused by pressure from body

But it is WAY more likely to be caused by pressure from body

Unfortunately, OP, you fall victim to one of the most classic Beijing jokes. A few traffic nexuses and bridges in Beijing are notorious for their ridiculous designs that Beijingers tell jokes like “These are the death traps for US army” or “Bin Laden send suicide bombers to Beijing too but they got lost on that bridge”I wouldn be so sure. The US maintains air bases in South Korea and Japan at great cost for good reason, and that reason is not just North Korea it the ability to launch airstrikes at China Eastern seaboard within half an hour or less.

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cheap hermes belt It may be true that the knee pain is caused by OA. But it is WAY more likely to be caused by pressure from body weight, and losing that weight will definitely improve symptoms whether or not it OA. The reason the doctor will resist sending a fat patient for tests of OA is not because “fat people don deserve care,” it because sending every fat patient for OA tests will overwhelm the lab that tests (let say X Ray for OA?), exactly as if they had sent most of their other patients for tests, because with a 5 10% chance of obese 20s/30s knee pain being OA, the doctor would be multiplying the lab load by ten or twenty times, almost all of which would be negatives. cheap hermes belt

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